Apostle Kimberly D Harrison, MBA

Apostle Kimberly D Harrison, MBA

As an Empowerment Speaker, Builder, Pioneer, Certified Purpose Development Coach, Published Author, Conference Host and Entrepreneur, Apostle Kim Harrison is the Founder of Transformation For Purpose Ministries in South Atlanta, Georgia. She has been in ministry for 20 years and served as Senior Pastor, Associate Pastor, Youth Pastor, Armor Bearer, and Administrator. She was released to pastor Perpetual Praise Tabernacle of Faith Inc. where she was later confirmed as an Apostle and the founder of Perpetual Community Resource Centre.

Apostle Kim Harrison has created several outreach programs in her community and serves on the Coweta Community Family Connection Board of Directors.

After overcoming five brain surgeries and two mini-strokes, Apostle Harrison wrote the books, “Pieces of Me” and “When Purpose Meets Destiny”; the latter book is scheduled to be released on March 2020.

Apostle Harrison has a radio show with All Nations Radio entitled, “Living The Purpose”.

Although much was happening, in 2015 she took three years to heal naturally and spiritually. During this time of healing Apostle Harrison sought God and received instructions for the next phase of her life. It was during this time she birthed Transformation For Purpose Ministries Inc. She now understood Gods will and purpose for her life.

God has called her to operate in the Solomon Apostolic Anointing. The gifts of God allow her to operate in the following areas: wealth transfers, entrepreneurship, establishing functional systems within the Body of Christ, Bringing governmental order to the Kingdom, Governmental Administration, Purpose Development and Economic Empowerment.

Apostle Kim Harrison has been empowered with the insight to increase the marketplace impact of the Body of Christ. Her passion is to empower Senior Leaders with the resources they need to impact their communities and fulfill their vision. This assignment requires her to assist these leaders in securing a ministry foundation that will allow them to take advantage of free resources, nonprofit programs, grants, and other funding.

Apostle Kim Harrison has college degrees in Business Administration, Administrative Management and Internet Technology. Along with her education, the ministry work that she did as the founder of the Perpetual Community Resource Centre has given her preparation for the work ahead.

Apostle Harrison is fully persuaded that her purpose in life is to bring the Body of Christ into reconciliation with its identity. She intends to do this by cultivating strategies and framework, that will provide tools while provoking and inspiring a new strain of leaders that are hungry and desire to emancipate purposeful harvesting energy in the earth realm.
We honor God for what He has done and what He’s about to do, the story is still being written.